Please be advised that due irrevocable differences this website is now closed for retails sales and support .

All queries and warranty support is now carried out by the manufacturer LIFESAVER Systems Ltd in the United Kingdom.  You can contact them via email on

info at

guymarshlain at

ianselby at

+44 (0) 1206 580 999

We believed the LIFESAVER Systems product to be the best on the market for water filtration.  However due to some issues with the quality of the products we are no longer able to support this product locally.

LSS Known Issues

Jerry Cans - Leaking taps

The jerry can cannot be left pressurised as stated in the instruction manual.  If the jerry can is left pressurised the tap will leak water.  The only way to avoid this is to release the pressure in the jerry can between use. 

The fault has been reported numerous times over the last 2 years and has been confirmed by LSS as an issue. A completely new design of tap was devised and put to management at the end of 2014 however has not been approved for production as yet.

If your jerry can tap is leaking, please contact LIFESAVER Systems Ltd with your details.

Bottles - Lack of Accessories

The bottles, both the 4000UF and the 6000UF models originally came with a strap, spare teat and pot of food grade glycerin for maintenance of the seals, as referred to in the user manual. 

At some time in 2014 these accessories were removed from the bottle packs, without any reduction in price.  These items are now sold separately.

If you have purchased a bottle and do not have the food grade glycerin that you need to maintain seals of your bottle, we recommend that you contact LIFESAVER Systems Ltd to have a pot posted to you. 

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